International Forum ATOMEXPO 2011   •   6–8 june 2011

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8 June

Round-table session: «Russia’s capabilities to produce isotopes for nuclear medicine and industry»


"Experiences of Gamma-Service in cooperation with Russian enterprises and opportunities of further expansion of partnership with ROSATOM enterprises". (Pdf, 1,1Mb)
Mr. Beyer, GSG International G.


In Russian"Cancer Care in Russia–CIS: The need for technological support specialized centers". (Pdf, 3,1Mb)
Somasundaram Subramanian, Director, Eurasian Federation of Oncology; Surgical Oncologist & Senior Clinical Researcher, N. N. Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center.


In Russian"The need and perspectives of radionuclide products in specialized treatment facilities". (Pdf, 862Kb)
Petr Garbuzov, Leading Clinical Researcher, Department of Radiosurgery and Open Radionuclide Treatment, Medical Radiology Research Center, Ministry of Health & Social Welfare.


In Russian"Development of yttrium-90 and cesium-131-based ionizing radiation sources for beam therapy". (Pdf, 1,2Mb)
Sergey Zlokazov, Head of Reactor Isotopes Division, Institute of Reactor Materials JSC.


In Russian"Prospects of technetium-99 fabrication by extraction in Russia and abroad". (Pdf, 1,2Mb)
Oleg Kozenko, Project Manager, United Innovation Corporation LLC.


In Russian"Development of commercial production of molybdenum-99 to meet the country’s needs and to increase exports basing on NIIAR’s radiochemistry complex". (Pdf, 2,3Mb)
R. Kuznetsov, Director of Radioisotope Production Division and Deputy Director of Radiochemistry Section, SRC NIIAR.


In Russian"Development of a new technology for production of cesium-137-based ionizing radiation sources using non-soluble chemicals in radiation installations". (Pdf, 2,2Mb)
M. Lobunov, Deputy Head for Science, Central Laboratory of PA Mayak.


In Russian"Current and future capabilities of ROSATOM enterprises to produce and supply isotopes domestically and abroad". (Pdf, 1Mb)
Denis Spasskiy, Director General, Isotope JSC.


In Russian"Организация во ФНИФХИ современного технологического участка по производству генераторов технеция-99mнового поколения с обеспечением международной системы контроля качества медицинской продукции GMP". (Pdf, 1,9Mb)
M. Pozdeev, Обнинский филиал ФГУП «НИФХИ им. Л.Я. Карпова».


In Russian"Current state and prospects of cyclotron productions at CYCLOTRON Co., Ltd., including medical isotopes". (Pdf, 1Mb)
Yury Sevastianov, Deputy Director General, CYCLOTRON Co., Ltd.



Round-table session: «Investment projects in nuclear industry. Results. Prospects»


In Russian"Specifics of credit financing for nuclear industry enterprises". (Pdf, 597Kb)
Andrey Boguslavskiy, Vice President, Gazprombank.


In Russian"Funding of energy projects by Sberbank of Russia". (Pdf, 310Kb)
Leonid Vanjan, Head of Power Engineering Division of Client Managers Department, Sberbank of Russia.


In Russian"Organization of project financing for NPP construction to the Russian design abroad". (Pdf, 1Mb)
Aleksey Kalinin, Head of Marketing and Business Development Office, ROSATOM.


In Russian"Attraction of external investments in the Baltic NPP construction project". (Pdf, 1,3Mb)
Maxim Kozlov, Head of Project Group – Baltic NPP, INTER RAO UES.


In Russian"SVBR-100 Project. Current status and development prospects". (Pdf, 637Kb)
Anna Kudryavtseva, Project Director, Directorate for Scientific and Technical Complex, ROSATOM.



Round-table session: «Prospects of international cooperation in nuclear fuel cycle»

"Russian uranium mining industry diversification strategy". (Pdf, 1,3Mb)
Alexander Boitsov, Deputy Director General, Atomredmetzoloto JSC.



"TENEX in the World Nuclear Fuel Cycle Goods and Services Market". (pdf, 359Kb)
Valery Govorukhin, Deputy Director General, Techsnabexport.



"International Uranium Enrichment Centre - goals , objectives, successes, prospects". (Pdf, 0,9Mb)
Aleksey Lebedev, Director General, IUEC.


"A Focused Commitment to Nuclear Growth". (Pdf, 1,3Mb)
Tim Gabruch, Vice President Marketing Strategy & Administration of Cameco Corporation.


In Russian"Cooperation in construction of the nuclear fuel fabrication plant in Ukraine". (Pdf, 1,2Mb)
Tatiana Amosova, Director General, Nuclear Fuel State Concern.


"Operating experience in Russian nuclear fuel at Slovak NPPs and prospects of implementation of new types of fuel". (pdf,413Kb)
Jaroslav Holubec, Lead Department, Slovenske Elektrarne.


"Economic Effect from Employment of New Russian Fuel at Czech NPPs". (Pdf, 0,9Mb)
Pavel Vesely, Head, Nuclear Fuel Procurement Department, CEZ.


"Development of the System for Used Nuclear Fuel Management in the Russian Federation". (Pdf, 605Kb)
Anjelika Khaperskaya, Advisor of Division for INF Management System Development, ROSATOM.


"Integrated offer NF & Back End services of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle". (Pdf, 687Kb)
Vasily Konstantinov, Vice President, TVEL JSC.


In Russian"Solutions to environmental problems of nuclear legacy in the Russian Federation and international cooperation". (Pdf, 2,5Mb)
A. Sarkisov, I. Linge, IBRAE RAS.


"Strategic and conceptual approaches to environmental solutions for clean-up of TVEL JSC’s decommissioned facilities and territories". (Pdf, 1,4Mb)
L. Vysotsky, IBRAE RAS.


"Nuclear situation in the Czech Republic". (Pdf, 2,8Mb)
Aleš John, NRI Group Rez.


"Опыт эксплуатации комплексных систем обращения с ОЯТ и РАО на АЭС". (Pdf, 38,1Mb)
Брелер Г., NUKEM Technologies, Alzenau, Germany.


"Новые виды ядерного топлива". (Pdf, 721Kb)
Крылов Д.В., ОАО «ТВЭЛ».



Symposium: «Topical issues of International Nuclear Law: Nuclear safety and security and international cooperation»


In Russian"International Regime of Nuclear and Physical Safety: Present State and Further Development". (Pdf, 164Kb)
Vladimir Kuchinov, Advisor to the Director General of the State Corporation Rosatom.


"Opportunities and challenges for Rosatom in a post-Fukushima world". (Pdf, 197Kb)
Joseph Huse, Managing Partner Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP s.


"IAEA Assistance to the States, embarking on the development of nuclear energy". (Pdf, 2,2Mb)
Antony Wetherall, Legal Officer, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).


In Russian"International activities of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom in the field of nuclear safety and security". (Pdf, 447Kb)
Alexander Erastov, Chief Expert, International Cooperation Department, State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM.


"BOO/BOOT contracting and ownership practices for nuclear power plants". (Pdf, 803Kb)
Anton Dedusenko, First Deputy Head of Legal Division, Atomstroyexport JSC.


In Russian"Safe transfer of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes under the Russian and international law". (Pdf, 3,4Mb)
Andrey Kapliev, Expert, Law Department, ENERGOPROMANALITIKA JSC.


In Russian"Providing Nuclear and Physical Safety for Nuclear Energy Facilities in the Light of the Technical Regulation Reform". (Pdf, 702Kb)
Nikita Nikiforov, Director General, Non-Commercial Partnership, Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Nuclear Industry.


In Russian"International Project INPRO. Results of Research of Nuclear and Institutional Provision of Transportable Nuclear Energy Facilities made in 2009-2010". (Pdf, 3,8Mb)
Vyacheslac Kuznetsov, Director, Innovative Energy Institute, Scientific Center Kurchatov Institute.


In Russian"Export of Off-Shore Power Plants and International Legal Norms". (Pdf, 3,7Mb)
Lyudmila Andreeva-Andreevskaya, Chief Expert, International Cooperation Department, State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM.


"Safety, security and liability for nuclear damage in case of a natural disaster". (Pdf, 58Kb)
Wolf-Georg Schärf, Co-Editor in Chief of international nuclear law journal,
The International Journal of Nuclear Law.


"State and Supplementary Compensation for Third Party Liability for Nuclear Damages". (Pdf, 1,4Mb)
Jakub Handrlica, LL.M., Law School, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.


In Russian"Insurance of civil liability for nuclear damage". (Pdf, 1Mb)
Alexander Molchanov, Deputy General Director, Nuclear Insurance Broker.


"Liability Insurance in case of a combination of а natural disaster and industrial accident". (Pdf, 1,3Mb)
Sebastian Reitsma, Director, Nuclear Energy Risks, Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd.


"Nuclear Liability during Transportation of Nuclear Materials". (Pdf, 799Kb)
Elena Artemova, Head of the Division for Corporate and Legal Work, Tenex JSC.


"Organization for economic co-operation and development nuclear energy agency". (Pdf, 3,7Mb)
Ximena Vasquez-Maignan, Legal Affairs Section, OECD/Nuclear Energy Agency.



Round-table session: «Youth initiatives in nuclear industry. International aspect»

"The International Women Network WIN and its role in communication and education". (Pdf, 942Kb)
Beata Scheffler, President, WIN Germany (Germany).


In Russian"Effective communication with young generation". (Pdf, 2,8Mb)
Larisa Turansky, Production Engineer, Paks NPP (Hungary).


In Russian"Significance of Youth union of «Ulba Metallurgical Plant» JSC". (Pdf, 18,9Mb)
Maxim Romanov, Chairman of Youth Board, AO UMP (Kazakhstan).


In Russian"Youth-launched initiatives at Rosenergoatom Concern". (Pdf, 1,1Mb)
Evgeny Chyurkin, Advisor to Deputy Director General for HR Management, Rosenergoatom Concern.


In Russian"Method to attract and adapt university graduates". (Pdf, 6,1Mb)
Ivan Dybov, Executive Director, Public Relations, TVEL JSC.


In Russian"Youth policy of Leningrad NPP". (Pdf, 16,4Mb)
P. Gredasov, Head of HR Arm of the Youth Organization, Leningrad NPP.


In Russian"Youth policy in IBRAE RAS". (Pdf, 1,1Mb)
Nastasya Mosunova, Chairman of Young Scientists and Specialists Council, IBRAE RAS.


In Russian"Youth policy at Leading Institute VNIPIET". (Pdf, 912Kb)
Anton Feigin, Coordinator, Consultative and Methodological Center at Leading Institute VNIPIET.


In Russian"Национальная академия наук Беларуси Государственное научное учреждение «Объединенный институт энергетических и ядерных исследований – Сосны»". (Pdf, 628Kb)
Г-н Раткевич.


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