International Forum ATOMEXPO 2011   •   6–8 june 2011

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6 June

Round-table session: «Prospects of nuclear education in countries developing nuclear power and nuclear newcomers»

"Integrated Training -Information Centre". (Pdf, 3,7 Mb)
Yury Seleznev, Rector, CICE&T.


In Russian"Особенности подготовки специалистов для российской атомной отрасли". (Pdf, 1,3 Mb)
Ливенцов С.Н., Национальный исследовательский Томский политехнический университет.


"Training of nuclear power specialists for nuclear «newcomers»". (Pdf, 4,3 Mb)
Eduard Kryuchkov, Pro-rector, NRNU MEPHI.


"Practical training of the operating personnel at foreign NPPs". (Pdf, 1,1 Mb)
Sergey Berdyugin, Director of Training Center, Balakovo NPP.


"Prospects of nuclear education in the countries embarking on or expanding their nuclear power programmes". (Pdf, 241 KB)
Vladimir Artisyuk, Pro-rector, CICE&T.


"Human Resource Development for Nuclear Power Program in Vietnam". (Pdf, 373 KB)
Chi Thanh TRAN, Institute of Energy, Vietnam.


"The Importance of an Enhanced Nuclear Engineering Curriculum in Newcomer Countries to support SMR Development and Deployment". (Pdf, 2,3 Mb)
Hadid Subki, Technical Lead, Department of Nuclear Energy, IAEA.


"AREVA training solutions". (Pdf, 1,1 Mb)
Serge Runge, Vice-president, External Training Offers & Projects, AREVA.


"Asia’s nuclear energy prospect in the post-Fukushima era". (Pdf, 2,3 Mb)
Hooman Peimani, Head Department, Singapore National University, Energy Studies Institute.


"Inter-Institutional cooperation nuclear education and the inspiration of future leaders in nuclear technology". (Pdf, 2,6 Mb)
Adrian Collings, Senior Adviser, World Nuclear Association.


"Human resource development for NPP project in Bangladesh". (Pdf, 1,1 Mb)
Shawkat Akbar, Nuclear Power and Energy Division, Project Director of NPP Rooppur (Bangladesh).



Round-table session: «Power machine engineering. International cooperation development» and Session of Subcommittee for Power Machine Engineering of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Committee for Energy Policy and Energy Efficiency»

"Prospects of Indian-Russian cooperation in equipment manufacturing". (Pdf, 3,9Mb)
S.K. Krishnan, Senior President of Walchandagar.


in Russian"Global competitiveness of Russian power engineering industry". (Pdf, 9Mb)
Aleksey Dub, Director General, CNIITMASH.


in Russian"Integration in global chains of supply". (Pdf, 1,3Mb)
Maxim Efimov, Director General, Energomashspetsstal JSC.


"Rosatom power equipment supply capabilities". (Pdf, 1,5Mb)
Aleksey Kalinin, Head of Marketing and Business Development Office, ROSATOM.


"Standardization issues in power engineering". (Pdf, 1,5Mb)
Larisa Levina, Deputy Director General, INVEL


in Russian"Strategy of the Russian power engineering industry". (Pdf, 393Kb)
Yury Saakyan, Director General, Institute of Natural Monopolies Research.



Round-table session: «Prospects of international cooperation on the new technological platform. MBIR international project»


"Fast reactor program in Japan and expectation for MBIR in Russia". (Pdf, 532KB)
Takashi Namba, Deputy Director, Project Promotion Office, Advanced Nuclear System Research and Development Directorate Japan Atomic Energy Agency.


"Prospects of the development of the sodium cooled fast reactors in Russia and international cooperation". Pdf, 2,7Mb)
Yury Ashurko, Head of Laboratory, SSC RF IPPE.


in Russian"Development prospects of nuclear fuel cycle infrastructure for SNF recycling". (Pdf, 923KB)
Evgeny Kudryavtsev, Project Director, Head of Division for INF Management System Development, ROSATOM.


in Russian"International project MBIR". (Pdf, 1,2Mb)
Igor Tretyakov, Chief Constructor, MBIR.



Round-table session: «New technological platform of uranium mining by geotechnical methods»


in Russian"Diversification strategy of the Russian uranium industry". (Pdf, 1,4Mb)
Alexander Boitsov, Deputy Director General, Atomredmetzoloto JSC.


in Russian"Geotechnological methods of uranium mining: a new platform". (Pdf, 2Mb)
Alexander Boitsov, Deputy Director General, Atomredmetzoloto JSC; I. Solodov, Head of Geological & Analitical Department, Atomredmetzoloto JSC.


in Russian"Technical rearmament of the drilling park of Volkovgeologiya JSC with КZ-800А (B) machines of «Koken» firm". (Pdf, 7,8Mb)
Sergey Sushko, Director General, Volkovgeologiya (NAC Kazatomprom).


in Russian"Uranium production management with using automated information data system «Rudnik»". (Pdf, 2,4Mb)
Alexander Belykh, TOO Mining Company (NAC Kazatomprom).


in Russian"Innovative intellectual management technology of uranium mining by the ISL method". (Pdf, 3,6Mb)
M. Noskov, Physics Department Chair, Seversk State Academy of Technology.


in Russian"Geotechnological and ecological problems solving on the basis of mathematical modeling of in-situ leaching". (Pdf, 1,6Mb)
A. Istomin, Assistant Professor of Physics Department, Seversk State Academy of Technology.


in Russian"Assessment of Uranium Recovery by ISR modeling". (Pdf, 2,1Mb)
Vladimir Ugorets, Principal Hydrogeologist SRK US Consulting.


in Russian"VNIIA Geophysical equipment of new generation for exploration and exploitation of uranium deposits". (Pdf, 697Kb)
Yury Polkanov, Technical Specialist in Pulse Neutron Logging Instrumentation, N.L. Dukhov VNIIA.


"Complex of electromagnetic borehole apparatus and methods for prospecting and production monitoring of hydrogenous uranium field". (Pdf, 2,4Mb)
Vyacheslav Istratov, Director General, Radionda SPV.


in Russian"In-situ leaching of uranium from fractured crystalline ore-bearing rocks at the Berezovoe deposit to increase the project’s economic attractiveness". (Pdf, 1,5Mb)
Yury Khizhnyakov, UDK Gornoye.


in Russian"Methods to improve efficiency of heap uranium leaching from non-commercial grade ores of Streltsovskoye Ore Field deposits".
Alexander Morozov, PIMCU.


in Russian"Инновационные методы и технические средства определения содержания урана в руде и отвалах".
Пономаренко А.В., менеджер по оборудованию ЗАО «Приборы».


in Russian"Комплекс научно-исследовательских и опытно-конструкторских разработок для горнорудных предприятий".
Демехов Ю.В., АО «НАК «Казатомпром».


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